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What is An As Built?

As-built refers to a set of drawings, plans, or documents that show the exact final condition of a construction project after it has been completed. It represents the final construction documentation that outlines any changes or modifications made to the original plans during the construction process. As-built documents are important for ensuring that the completed project meets the original design specifications and can be used as a reference for future maintenance or upgrades. The as-built drawings typically include details such as the location of utility lines, piping systems, electrical components, and other building systems.

Why is as-built documentation important?

As Built drawings are important because they are considered the first step in the pre-design phase. As Built drawings allow designers and builders to bid on their projects. 

Who creates as-built documentation?

There are dedicated as built services that specialize in creating detailed as built drawings and provide documentation of properties and spaces. 

What information is included in as-built documentation?

Usually, a standard as built set would include information such as floor plans, exterior elevations, roof plans, and sections. 

For basic as built set, it will include floor plans that represent walls, doors, and windows. 

When is as-built documentation created?

For commercial properties, as built documentation happens after construction is complete to document any deviations from the original plans due to site conditions. 

For residential properties, usually homeowners have to request an as built service to provide documentation of their space for them. 

How is as-built documentation used?

As built documentation is used by designers & architects to start their schematic drawings which develop into permit sets and finally into construction drawings. As built drawings are also used by builders & contractors to provide bids for projects. 

How can I obtain as-built documentation?

You can find a local as built company in your area that provides as built documentation. Some architects & engineers also provide this service but it's often best to give the job to a dedicated service provider who specialize in as built drawings. 

As Built Floor Plan Sample By Jay Cad